Hello and welcome inside the homemadeADVENTURES blog, an outdoors lifestyle blog started from an enthusiasm to share stories & build a community of like minded outdoor adventure seekers who are everyday role models. Role models that will inspire us all to create adventures from our own front door, seek out challenges and dare us on our discovery to BE BOLD. GET BRAVE.  

By ‘everyday role models’, we mean people who are big advocates for the outdoors but also lead busy everyday lives. From somewhere these everyday role models continue to seek out and find the time to pursue their passion of being in the outdoors, inspiring others around them along the way. 

Our MISSION here on the homemadeADVENTURES blog is to encourage and inspire as many people as possible to break the rule of expectation, change the definition of what we believe we should be and challenge the perception of our own abilities. 

To do this, our AIM is to encourage more people to take on their own homemadeADVENTURES, seeking out experiences that will in turn inspire & dare other people around them to take on their own discoveries to BE BOLD. GET BRAVE. 

Outdoor adventure provides a great mechanism in which we expose our vulnerabilities, providing the platform to develop our courage & build confidence that transcends the adventure into everyday life. 

To BE BOLD. GET BRAVE. is to step forward and to dare and take the chance of risk, to grow in courage & confidence. To feel the fear, because let’s face it trying something new is scary, and doing it anyway.

In turn, we challenge the perception of our own abilities, unearth our hidden strengths and provide a guiding light to develop our weaknesses. 

​It's through sharing these experiences, we hope that together we can encourage more people to lead the lives they aspire to and to thrive. 


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