Our Story


homemadeADVENTURES was founded by Lisa Dent after struggling to find natural and environmentally friendly skincare products aimed, at people who are active in the outdoors and that actually work up against the physical challenges you put them through.

''I’m passionate about the outdoors and the positive impacts being in nature has but I am also wholly aware that we are stripping the earth of its natural resources and dumping an unsustainable amount of waste into landfill that collectively is contributing to rapid climate change’’.   

Prior to the pandemic, Lisa's day job is usually www.breakthroughevents.co.uk, an international sports event management and consultancy company based within the adventure and endurance industry.

''Being in the outdoors has played a huge part in my life from growing up as a kid in and around the Forest of Dean, to competing in outdoor sports such as fell running and mountain biking along with, developing a career within sports events that places a great emphasis on the natural environment and the challenges we set ourselves against it''.

Here at homemadeADVENTURES we do the hard work of sourcing products that fit our ethos and can be found all on one site for ease of purchase, leaving you more time to spend on your adventures outdoors!

We hope you find what you are looking for, if not let us know.  We are always searching for skincare & eco friendly products that can not only stand up to the elements but can also keep up with the physical challenges you set yourself in the outdoors. 

If it's a new product or range you’d love us to stock, we’d love to know what it is and put it through its paces.  If you can't find a product to fit your skin type or skin condition you are prone to then we’d also love to know to make sure we cover all our bases. 

    We hope you love our product range as much as we do. Enjoy the store!