Lets Talk Packaging

Our eco ethos for homemadeADVENTURES runs through every strand of our business right the way through to how you receive your orders. 

Cardboard Boxes & Filler

We do our very best to re-use every bit of packaging we receive, we also hold a local cardboard box amnesty where we ask all our lovely friends and neighbours to give us any packaging boxes & filler they are about to throw away.

So if you order from us and the box is looking a little tired don't worry, your order is safe and sound inside. You'll also know we have sent your order with re-used packaging as it will have one of these little stickers on the top (ps. yes these are made from recycled paper, fully recyclable and contain a glue free adhesive). 

 recycled box label

We secure your parcels with paper tape - plastic and glue free, fully recyclable and non-toxic! 

Gift Box Orders

If you order a lovely hand picked gift box from us you can be rest assured that the entire package is plastic free! The box itself is made from cardboard and fully recyclable. We also secure your parcel with some lovely custom paper wrap, plastic and glue free, non-toxic so it can be fully recycled with the box. 

The internal packaging includes; a post card - printed on recycled paper; gift wrap - made from recycled paper, a sticker - made from recycled paper and protective filler - made from recycled paper or old cardboard boxes. All of these things can either be re-used or recycled.