Our Eco Product Icons

Eco Product Icons 

To help make it quicker and easier to highlight each product's eco-credentials and identify products related to your needs, we have created a list of easily identifiable icons.   

Save Water

Save Water

By 2050, the United Nations World Water Development Report stated that just over half of the global population (57%) will live in areas that suffer water scarcity at least one month each year. 

Water is a finite resource and one we must protect access to and reduce our waste. Here in the UK the Environment Agency is urging us to reduce our average daily water consumption by 33 litres to help ensure we can meet our future water needs.

Average UK water usage in litres per person per day, is 143 litres, the target is 110 litres

Collectively we all need to play our part. We are one of the first online stores to use a 'save water' icon. This eco icon will identify which products are free of any added water. When you purchase products with this icon you can be sure that you are actively playing your part to consume less water! Now that's refreshing!

SLS Free

SLS is short for sodium lauryl sulphate &/or sodium laureth sulphate and are nasty chemicals used in shampoos, toothpastes, mouthwashes, body washes and soaps.

SLS is what makes the products form a lather and although gets you squeaky clean by breaking down grease and dirt, it also strips things like your hair of all it's natural oils leaving it dry and lifeless. In addition these chemicals also get absorbed into your skin and can cause irritation. 

All our products are SLS free (yay!), in fact all the products we sell are free of any nasty chemicals but SLS is one of the most common ones that can be found in most mainstream products. Once you've switched to SLS free products we reckon you wont go back. Natural is the new black, bring on the natural revolution!   



So what does biodegradable mean? In essence the term 'biodegradable' means that whatever item has been given this label can be broken down by bacteria, fungi and microbes.

Almost anything can be termed biodegradable but can take hundreds to thousands of years i.e. plastic. And like plastic as it biodegrades it also release nasty harmful chemicals into the air and soil. 

As all the products we stock are natural, free from any nasty chemicals these will biodegrade into natural elements, carbon dioxide, organic materials and water vapour. They will also biodegrade much much quicker (win!). 

Compostable (at home)


There are two types of composting, home and industrial. Composting means that it will break down but needs to be in a composting environment to do so.

When we label a product 'home compostable' it means it can break down easily and quickly within your home composter . Otherwise the product needs a little more help to biodegrade and is sent to the industrial composter.

On an industrial scale, put simply, they can manage the process to ensure rapid biodegradation. 

Palm Oil Free


Palm oil is a type of vegetable oil and can be found in over 50% of supermarket products from food, to cleaners to cosmetics.

Sadly palm oil is responsible for destroying rainforests and animal habitats along with exploitation of workers and child labour. 

Unless sustainably sourced, Palm Oil is one to avoid in order to support the fight against climate change. 

Palm Oil (Sustainably sourced)


Certified sustainable palm oil means that a set of social and environmental criteria has been applied by companies in producing the oil to help minimise the negative impact of its cultivation. 

Made from Recycled Packaging


When you see this symbol next to a product or item it means that the packaging it's stored / held within has been made from recycled material. 



When you see this symbol, it's good to be placed into your recycling bins where it can be turned into something new!

We love recycling but we would encourage you to consider if you can re-use it first before recycling as it saves even more energy! 

Cruelty Free


None of the products have been tested on animals, they are cruelty free right down to every single ingredient! 



Vegan products contain no animal products and are cruelty free. 

Plastic Free


Every ounce of the product and its packaging is 'Plastic Free'.

We endeavour to limit the number of products we sell that has any plastic in the packaging. What does contain plastic will be 100% recyclable.