About us


Our Mission

Welcome to the homemadeADVENTURES online store, we are super pleased you have found us.

Our mission here at homemadeADVENTURES is to;

>> Help outdoor adventure seekers source natural skin care that is kind to your skin and the environment.

>>  Source natural skincare products that are tried and tested, reviewed and recommended standing up to the natural elements and the rigours of the outdoor physical activity you put them through.  

As our platform grows we will source eco friendly and sustainable products that align with our ethos and values around doing our part in the fight against climate change. 

As outdoor adventure seekers, we all know that nature provides us with a resource rich environment that provides so many positive impacts from physical to social and personal well-being.

We all have a responsibility to ensure the survival of nature for future generations, reduce our impact and play our part in the fight against climate change. That's why we only source natural products that contain no nasties and are kind to the environment from how they are made to the packaging they come in. 

>> We are determined to be a force for good and to take ownership of our social and environmental impact.

Our Difference

To help make it easier we have categorised products into some of th emost popular outdoor activities and activity phases, in these categorise you will find products that can help look after your skin against the different demands of outdoor sports & physical activity. 

CyclingSurf SportsClimbingPaddle SportsSwimmingRunningSnow Sports

However you choose to participate in the outdoors from hiking to biking, swimming to surfing, from paddling to climbing, ski-touring to base jumping, we’ve got you covered.

From pre, during to post activity and recovery, to maintenance care and emergency treatment, we have skincare products that help combat common skin issues & complaints as a result from participating in your favourite outdoor adventure and activity. 

Pre-Activity IconPost ActivityMaintenance CareEmergency Treatment

All our products are kind to the environment, so whether you are in the air, on land or in the sea, you can happily participate safe in the knowledge that you are playing your part in tackling the fight against climate change. 

Our Product Range

We are always adding to our product range that align with our ethos and we on a continuous pursuit to find the best products that we can recommend for use in the outdoors whatever your activity. 

If you cant find a product you are looking for, or have a product that you think would be a great fit for our store, get in touch with us via our contact form. 

Our Product Choice

In our pursuit to bring you the best products that stand up to whatever your adventures are in the outdoors, we stand by 6 pillars when choosing which products to stock on our website

  • Ethically sourced natural ingredients
  • Sustainably Made
  • Environmentally friendly packaging. Recycled, recyclable, compostable
  • Free from any harmful ingredients to both us and the world we live in 
  • The brands we stock all share our environmental ethos
  • They can stand up to the natural elements and the physical challenges you set yourself in the outdoors.