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'on the move' Stash Bag

Within our growing homemadeADVENTURES community we are on a mission to help educate and be a source of information when it comes to all things outdoors and sustainability, particularly around skincare, provisions and apparel.

To coincide with the launch of our ‘On the Move’ stash bag (made from leftover, pre-loved outdoor gear!) we’ve scoured the internet and done our research on where you can go if your kit is feeling a little WORN/OUT and you want to get it repaired.

As self-confessed kit hoarders, we can’t bear to let anything go, do you hear us? We all know that our outdoor kit is filled with memories of adventures, from achievements to challenges. So not only is a repair service great for the environment it also means you get to hold onto those memories even longer!

 So, we’ve gone and compiled a list of Repair Stations and a quick guide on the types of service offered from both general repair services to well known outdoor brands.




  • Repairs waterproof jackets, waterproof trousers, down jackets & fleeces.
  • Prices range from £5 to £54 upwards depending on what needs repairing. This service can mend anything from lost studs, rips & tears, replace zips and waterproof seams.
  • All they ask that before sending your waterproof item for repair it is not washed or re-proofed as this may impact some of the repair work.
  • Offer turnaround as quick as they can but suggest allowing up to 90 working days.



Cotswold Outdoors offers both a wash and repair service in collaboration with Grangers

  • What they wash - down/synthetic sleeping bags & jackets for washing
  • What they repair shell jackets, insulated jackets/tops and sleeping bags
  • No need to have purchased the product from their stores.
  • Prices range from £20 for waterproof seal replacement to £60 for a patch repair
  • If you’re an explorer member with Cotswold Outdoors you can receive a discount of the price.
  • Lead times 3-4 weeks for repairs but advise up to 6 weeks.



 Hill Trek offer a broad range of repairs on outdoor performance clothing but specialise in repair of Ventile and Nikwax Analogy including Paramo Clothing.

  • Prices start from £20 for patch repairs and from £45 plus for a replacement jacket Zip or a full refurb to your much loved item of clothing you can’t bear to be without.
  • A wash and re-proofing service is also available for all types of waterproof clothing, prices start from £30.
  • Unlike Lancashire Repair Sports, Hill Trek as that all items are washed and clean prior to sending.


https://www.resoles.co.uk (Feet First)

 First First is a dedicated service repairing footwear from fell running to approach, bike shoes to outdoor walking footwear, mountaineering and climbing and general footwear repairs.

  • Highly recommended by Brands such as FiveTen, Brasher and Scarpa et al.
  • Depending on what needs type of shoe needs fixing and what the repair work is prices start from as little as £10 for a rubber heal replacement up to £85 plus for a complete resole (per pair) on specialist shoes.
  • Replacement & repair work is carried out as per the manufacturer i.e. Vibram sole replaced with a Vibram sole.
  • Turnaround time varies from 3 – 12 weeks.

muddy pair of outdoor shoes



Mountaineering Designs offer an exclusive down upgrading, recondition and regenerating service for professional and high spec thermal equipment, specifically down filled clothing and sleeping bags.

A big tick in the box for us is that they have an Environmental Cleaning Policy ensuring that the cleaning is natural and environmentally friendly process.

  • Based in the Lake District, they offer a free assessment of your down clothing by appointment only if you’re unsure of whether it can be repaired / saved!
  • Offer a cleaning service that starts from £35, they’ll go to the full extent of removing the down from its bag and washing with a damage free guarantee. This relates specifically to downs that have been on expedition. The level of service is tailored to your needs.
  • In terms of the costs for their repair service, price is on enquiry, we get that, each piece of equipment/clothing is unique in its wear and tear. They’ll fix and lumps and bumps, burns and tears just send off for a free assessment.
  • Other services offered are refurbishment & conversions.

A highly technical service for the experienced and professional mountaineers and expedition leaders.



Scottish Mountain Gear offer a very comprehensive repair and maintenance service for a wide range of outdoor gear from outdoor clothing, small tents, rucksacks, sleeping bags and down filled clothing.

  • Extensive repair and maintenance service for outdoor clothing & equipment.
  • Most services across their repairs start from as little as £15 for replacement zips on clothing, rucksacks, or tents and £55 upwards for re-taping seams on waterproof clothing or the replacement on Zips for tents.
  • They work with an extensive range of brands when it comes to repairs https://www.scottishmountaingear.com/brand-partners and offer specialist repairs.
  • Due to the nature of repairs, they do not advertise a turnaround time, they advise and if you need the garment turned around quickly then speak with them directly.



These were some of the more obvious outdoor brand repair services we checked out online. Protecting the environment is now threaded into most, if not all outdoor brands CSR with ‘repair not replace’ becoming a key messaging theme.  


First up, Finisterre. UK based, they have a dedicated repairs service for own brand clothing called 'LIVED & LOVED'. 


What they offer your much lived in and loved Finisterre clothing;

- They can fix pretty much anything, from small mends of replacement toggles & missing buttons to darning holes in knitwear and full service for jackets that include a wash and reproof. 

- Free postage to the Repairs Workshop, all you need to do is select and purchase the type of repair you need and they send you postage instructions via email. Nice touch to encourage you to send in your repairs. 

- Most of their repairs will take on average 2- 4 weeks and 4 - 6 weeks depending on the extent of the repair.   

- Make sure you read all the small print as some items need to be pre-washed, any that are not will be washed and an additional charge made.  

However, if its time up for your outdoor item for whatever reason you can trade in your item and send it off on a new adventure via Finisterre Re_Skinned and get credit back to use against the purchase of a brand new item. 



Berghaus offer a FREE repair service, the Repairhaus (love this name!) So, if you own a Berghaus item of clothing whether its borrowed, been passed down, you’ve had it for yonks or it’s been a present you can get it repaired as many times as you need to.


Go Berghaus! Its all about re-using not replacing.

What’s even better is that if they can’t repair it, they’ll offer you a replacement if its under guarantee and you have proof of purchase, if not they’ll offer you a discount.

It gets better……they’ll reuse your old worn out, never to be repaired again, piece of kit or clothing to repair someone else’s!

  • Fill in the form and they’ll assess the type of repairs needed.
  • They suggest allowing up to 21 days for repairs.
  • They’ll have a go at repairing pretty much any bits of their kit you own so give them a go
  • All you need to do is send it clean and via tracked delivery.
  • It’s FREE!! But only repairs made to Berghaus products.

Outdoor Down Jacket Berghaus



Rab Repairs offers a fee-paying repair service to Rab and Lowe Alpine products

  • Repair items including rucksacks, luggage, waterproof clothing, down and synthetics clothing and sleeping bags including a wash service.
  • Prices start from £15 for zips and patch repairs and up to £40 for washing a sleeping
  • Current turn around time is 1-2 weeks.

Outdoor jacket Arb


Patagonia since its inception have been renowned for its commitment to sustainability and environmental advocacy winning multiple awards & recognition for its work in the fight against climate change. In 2019 they updated their mission statement “we’re in business to save our home planet’’


  • Patagonia is offering a FREE repair service for their own brand items
  • Turnaround time is up to 5 weeks in the UK
  • The only thing they wont attempt to repair is footwear, but we’ve listed Feet First for this so you can still keep a hold of your fav Patagonia shoes a little longer!
  • Look out for their Worn Our Tours - https://wornwear.patagonia.com/ where you can drop into their stores, or sign up to their events or even buy second hand Patagonia clothing items.


Montane’s inhouse repair team offers a range of services from fixing zips, patch & panel repairs and re-seaming.

  • Can take up to 10 – 15 days to turnaround
  • Only available in the UK
  • Their website doesn’t contain any information if the service is free or if there are any charges. Nor does it state if it is just their own branded garments, from the wording we assume so.



Head on over to Rohans Care & Repair section on their website and they take you through some steps about how to maintain the life of your garment, the first step in increasing the life span of your clothing prior to heading to any repair station. Nice work Rohan on the importance of this first step!


What’s interesting is that Rohan don’t have an in-house repair shop instead they suggest with basic repairs such as sewing on buttons and replacing zips take it to your local tailor………that’s a google search for most of us we’re sure!

If you need materials or fabric etc to carry out further repairs you can get in contact with their customer service team to request these free of charge. If they cant supply the exact match they’ll source something close to it.

If you’re still unsure they can offer advice and support in a Rohan store.

If all else fails and there is no way back from the brink for your WORN/OUT Rohan item why not sue their Gift Your Gear service. According to their website from this initiative that was set up in 2012, 195,000 outdoor garments have been donated, across 650+ inspiring projects, helping 5000+ individuals get outdoors. Gifting your gear means you can help good causes also benefit from positive experiences within the Outdoors  https://www.rohan.co.uk/giftyourgear.

In Summary

So that's our whistle stop tour (a bit longer maybe 😉) of some of the repair stations where you can get the lifespan of your well loved gear extended by those as passionate about the outdoors and the reducing our impact on the environment as you are! 

Let us know.

If you know of any other great repair stations or can offer some top tips on maintaining the lifespan of outdoor gear then feel free to drop it in the comments box below!


Here at homemadeADVENTURES we are all about reusing, recycling, repurposing, and repairing whatever and whenever we can in our daily outdoor life and in our store.

We’re really excited to be continually adding products to our store that reflect our ethos and in this blog we'd like to welcome one of our first ever own branded products - the homemadeADVENTURES ‘On the Move’ stash bag, repurposed from old buoyancy aids and unwanted materials from outdoor clothing.

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